Board Repair Services:

Board Repair Services:

  • Trace repair: $159

  • IC replacement: $129

  • Backlight filter and diode replacement: $99

  • Damaged connector replacement: $99

  • Professional water damage treatment: $99 if deemed fully functional

  • Professional water damage treatment with practical IC replacements: $159

  • Data recovery: $199

  • Disassembly and reassembly fee: $20 if applicable 


We do not replace non board components, pricing on those parts are at the discretion of the repair shop. Easy payment method using papal or any major credit card.

90 day warranty on repairs. Does not cover any new physical and/or liquid damage. We must inspect the device in house for installation failure analyst. We will attempt to fix the issue again or issue a refund under no fix, no fee.

No Fix, No Fee

No Fix Options for mail-ins
1.) Leaving your device with us for parts/training, no charge.  
2.) Receive your device back disassembled and bagged "as is"  Price = $6 domestic shipping 

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