Did You Get the Message?

Did You Get the Message?

Every year, you can’t wait for the brand new iPhone. You want to stay up with the latest and greatest version of the beloved Apple product – and let’s face it, you want to impress your friends and family.

But when you drop your phone on the ground or in water, it’s more than a simple inconvenience. Don’t wait until your contract is up to get a new iPhone – make your current iPhone as good as new with Prolabs Mobile.

Our iPhone repair specialists in Pasco, WA can fix any hardware issues with your Apple device. If you need broken screen repair or any other type of external fix for your iPhone, let our knowledgeable, honest, and friendly specialists bring your iPhone back to life.

Complete our Quote Form below to let us know exactly what kind of issues you are experiencing. Be as detailed as possible! Not sure what type of issue affects your device? That's ok, too. Choose the diagnostics option and provide any details you can in the comments section.

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